Advertising Methods that Attract and Engage Customers

The key to reaching a target market is to first narrow down the market and find out where those people spend their time. With the majority of people today have smartphones and spend a significant amount of time online. However, most people leave their home from time to time and reaching them while they aren’t looking at their phones can be challenging. People today are skilled at ignoring traditional advertising so business owners and marketing departments have to be creative if they want to attract new customers.

Outdoor Advertising

Even though people spend a lot of time staring at their phones at home, they shouldn’t be doing it while they’re driving. This gives marketers the perfect opportunity to reach a city full of people. For outdoor advertising to be effective, it has to be engaging. Some companies, such as those that target a younger generation, can benefit from LED signs. Other businesses get more responses when they use traditional signs because their target market cannot focus on an LED sign while they are driving. The person in charge of media buying should test one option at a time to determine which is more likely to engage the company’s target audience.

Television Advertising

Consumers are watching less network television today than they did in the past. Despite the shrinking audiences, there are still plenty of viewers and a company that understands their market and what shows they enjoy. Putting ads in front of the right people is essential to making the most of a limited marketing budget. With proper media placement, a company can attract a lot of new customers. If they choose the wrong times to air the ads, a company will only waste its money and be disappointed with the results.

For companies today, media buying is a complicated process that should only be done after careful assessment of the target audience. Marketers should build a customer persona and target the media he or she consumes. Although most marketing requires some element of trial and error, companies can reduce their expenses and reach their target customers much more quickly when they do this upfront work to find out more about their target market. After finding new customers, it’s important for business owners to work hard to retain them. Word of mouth and social proof are some of the least expensive advertising methods available today and companies should strive to impress customers in order to gain new ones cost-effectively.


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